How (we can help)

As our name Bazaar PR suggests, we want to offer golden PR nuggets at exceptional rates. Hey, we may even be happy for you to haggle with us (a little!).  We can entice you with some colorful and imaginative ingredients to really spice up your business.  Or create a zingy social media strategy, which will add a new dimension to your existing marketing plan.

With a range of expertise in various consumer fields such as: lifestyle, food, fashion, charity, hospitality, retail, parenting and health, Bazaar PR offers an eclectic skillset to support any brand.

We are happy to charge by the hour and write one-off press releases, or work with you on a long-term project. We want to help achieve your specific PR goals, while keeping within your budget. We will always manage your expectations, so there will be no hidden costs along the way.