Why (we’re unique)

Our niche in this very congested arena of PR is to offer you a no retainer option. This means that we will not be invoicing you monthly for ‘ongoing’ PR activities. ¬†Without sounding too much like a mobile phone company, this simply means: you can pay as you go.

No business is recession proof and we know that every spare penny has to be accounted for. We’re firm advocates of using marketing communications as an effective way of increasing sales, and in turn, your profit margin.¬† We know PR isn’t life and death and acknowledge that there are many factors to running a successful business. What we do think is essential, however, is engaging and promoting your services to the correct audience and presenting your business in the very best and most professional light. We will create the conversation that your audience should be hearing, while protecting your reputation, as well as driving sales.

That is how we can help. You may not want to do this every month or you may just need to execute a six-week project. We can help and only charge you for the work that has been incurred.